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Glo and Jilly's excellent adventure!

Oh LJ, I have neglected you so miserably!

So, I'm in Fairbanks.  Hopefully I'll only be on the couch for a couple weeks max.  If it looks like its going to be longer I'm definitely finding somewhere else to stay.  But Lesa, my roommate seems pretty cool.  Other roommate is Rob and I have not met him yet.  I'm not sure where Jilly is hiding.  I just hope she hasn't escaped out the back door.  Theres a gate across the open door, and gates normally keep her out even though she could just jump over, but she doesnt seem to ever do that.  So hopefully she's just under someone's bed.  She came out and explored earlier for like an hour, and then disappeared. 

Also trying to finish up my homework assignment.  I had to read a bunch of young adult literature and then write up little summaries and assessments of them.  I did all the reading the last 2 weeks, but I still have 6 summaries to do.  I've finished 7.   It's due tomorrow of course.

I'm tired. 

I need to go get some groceries.  Explore the town a bit. 

But I'm going to put another hour into these summaries, hopefully get down to just having 3 left and then find some dinner and groceries...and try and find out where my classes are! 

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