Glo Clendaniel (glotiger) wrote,
Glo Clendaniel

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insert futurama theme music here

i still think about him sometimes. 

and sometimes it makes me cry just a little

and then, fortunately, i get distracted and things are fine.

but fuck, it sucks when it happens. 

i need a new interest to keep myself occupied. or something. oh wait...that whole school thing.  yeah.  still dont know my placement.   teachers report back on the 13th.  students return the 19th.  how much you wanna bet i find out where i am on the 19th.  really fricken nervous about all of it. 

also paid too much money to have the awesome japanese silk tiger print framed.  but i think it will look very nice, hope to pick it up around hte 24th.  gold-ish matting and black bamboo frame.  Everytime I look at it i'll be reminded of not being able to hear because i've got two pairs of socks on.  or other such grandpa frank nonsense.

trying to get a hold of molly maakestad.  she told my mom that I could live at her house.  she's there all alone.  i'd pretty much have the whole downstairs to myself.  haven't been able to reach her though to talk about it.  i'll probably do it.  free rent and escape from the parents house.  and it would be super sweet if she'd let me adopt a dog. i want one so bad. 

dang, i've got the hiccups.

also...gained 15 lbs in fairbanks and lost all the "in-shape-ness"  that i had achieved.  now feel fat, ugly, and slow and wheezy.  but i'm gonna get my hair cut tomorrow.  gonna chop it all off.  i need a change. 
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