Glo Clendaniel (glotiger) wrote,
Glo Clendaniel

Would you like some snot in that coffee?

Mom and I frequently have discussions about having children.  This is normally in response to one of the 3 children under the age of 3 making a big mess or screaming while I'm trying to drink some coffee and have breakfast at the kitchen table.  I inevitably say something to the tune of "I'm not really sure I need to have that in my life" and she responds with how it's different when it's your own.  Or that having a child is about being part of something bigger than yourself.   Some days I agree, and others I don't.  It might depend on the strength of the argument on that particular day.  It might also depend on how long and loud the screaming is, or how much disarray the house and kitchen is in and just how smelly, sticky, and slimy the child is. 

I don't do a particularly good job of looking after myself, how on earth would I ever be able to take care of someone else that was depending on me for everything? 

During this morning's discourse it occurred to me that its extremely unlikely that I'll be married before I'm 30.  I'm one of those people that think you should be married before having children.  It's ok, you can call me old fashioned, it won't bother me.  Then I also think it's important to have some time together as a married couple before bringing kids into the mix.  So now I'm about 32 and that window for healthy mother and child is getting smaller and smaller.   I thought about some of my friends who are already past that age and who are not married.  And then I didn't want to think about that.   I'm not really sure what my point is.  These were just a few things I was thinking about this morning.  Hopefully I have many years before I have to start thinking about it seriously.  But while I'm surrounded by small children daily its hard not to give it a little thought. 
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